Child and Student ID Cards

ID cards for child and student identification Child ID cards are a must if you have children, and can be an invaluable resource even if you don't. Discovering that your own, or a child that is in your care, has gone missing, can cause a gut-wrenching feeling. However, finding the child as fast as possible may be facilitated simply by having a child ID card on hand to provide police officers, school personnel, or others who may aid in the search. Such cards usually contain a picture of the child, a physical description, and often also parents' or guardians' contact information. Because child ID cards may be vital to your child's safety in the event of an emergency, encourage your local school, church, youth organization, or police department to adopt a program of providing identification cards for children.

If you work at such an organization and are interested in creating identification cards for children, you will find all of the equipment, software, and supplies you need to get started at a very reasonable price, right here at The same equipment can be used to create custom student ID cards for elementary, junior high and high schools, and colleges and universities. No matter what environment they are used in, student ID cards are all but essential to quickly distinguish the student population from those who are not authorized to be on campus. Plus, by adding a magnetic stripe or account number, student ID cards may double as library or meal cards, thereby increasing efficiency at your institution. Please login to see all of the exceptional items we have available as well as our competitive pricing. If you do not have login information you can contact an Identity customer service representative to get it. Either way we look forward to assisting you with increasing security and efficiency at your institution.