Custom Child, Police, Employee and Customer Loyalty ID Cards

Custom child, police and employee ID cards Whether you've got logical or physical security concerns, or you are interested in creating a card program to reward your most loyal customers, has got the solution for you. Identity offers virtually everything you need to create custom ID cards including quality card printers, supplies, and accessories like badge holders and lanyards.

The applications for custom printed plastic cards are virtually limitless. Countless government organizations have come to realize the cost and security benefits that come from having the ability to produce cards on-site. Even law enforcement agencies depend on such programs to produce authentic police ID cards in house to avoid the possibility that cards may be compromised while at, or in transit to or from an outside vendor.

Businesses, from small companies to the largest corporations, use card printers to produce professional quality employee ID cards. Such cards are usually used to ensure that the right people have access to the right places, especially when they are encoded with a magnetic strip or proxy. These cards can also be used to ensure that vital company and customer information is secure from intrusion by unauthorized persons.

Customer loyalty ID cards An identification card program also has applications at schools and universities. While ID cards for college students can be used for identification and for services, child ID cards produced by elementary schools can be used to help ensure the safety and well being of school aged children. Such cards may be designed to contain not only the child's picture, but also information such as the child's name, address, phone number, and perhaps even a parent's or guardian's contact information. This information may be vital in the event of an emergency, especially if the child has difficulty conveying it to school or emergency personnel.

Custom printed plastic cards can also be used in retail and food service settings to promote business and to track customer purchases. Customer loyalty cards, such as those used by supermarkets, have been shown to lure new customers and encourage existing customers to return. These cards are small enough to be kept in a wallet, and when printed with your business logo and information, customers are reminded about your establishment each time they see your card.