State, Police and Government Photo Identification Cards

Government, state and police photo ID cards Governing a small town, metropolitan city, populous state, or expansive nation is not always the easiest task. This is especially true today as government bodies across the globe confront domestic and international threats to their systems. Contemporary threats propagated by identity thieves, terrorists and others require contemporary counter measures, including highly secure government identification cards issued to employees and contractors who have physical access to government facilities and logical access to sensitive information. The use of government identification cards not only makes distinguishing authorized personnel from imposters much easier, but also aids in enhancing overall security and agency efficiency.

Government identification cards provide public agencies with a plethora of benefits. However, not all ID card programs are the same. In fact benefits such as increased security and enhanced efficiency may only be realized if the printing equipment and supplies you rely on has the features that are most vital to your agency's needs. For example, most agencies require a printer and software to create custom photo identification cards for employees, facility visitors and contractors. Unlike cards that do not have a photograph of the person whom it is issued to, photo identification cards make it incredibly easy to verify the identity of the card carrier.

Photo identification card equipment and software is often very useful to those agencies that must create tamper and counterfeit resistant police ID cards. Including a photograph of the officer whom the ID card is issued makes identification possible even in times of emergency. Aside from photographs, police ID cards can be made more secure by printing them with a holographic laminate, magnetic stripe, or smart card chip, which helps to restricts access to sensitive areas. All of these features and more can be included in your agency's police ID cards depending on the specific equipment and software you integrate into your secure ID card program.

ID cards are not just for government employees and contractors, though; they can also be issued by agencies to the public they serve. For example, state identification cards have been used in certain jurisdictions to provide medical, financial, and education benefits to low-income families as well as to the elderly. State identification cards, especially those that are extremely difficult to replicate by counterfeiters, make it possible to quickly identify individuals who have been approved for certain benefits. Most printing equipment, including that which is available through, can be used to create traditional state identification cards and drivers' licenses. There are virtually no limits to what you can do with an ID card program, and at, we are happy to assist you with purchasing those products that satisfy your needs without overwhelming your budget.